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Accessories in Spanish | Pendientes [Lesson]

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List of Accessories in Spanish

The Accessories in Spanish | Study Spanish Online video

The term accessory refers to any element or object used to complement something else, which is optional to take into account.

In this section, you will learn about the most popular accessories and their translation into Spanish.

The Accessories in Spanish (Los Accesorios)

umbrella in spanish, accessories in Spanish


swimsuit in spanish

Trusa, Traje de Baño(Swimsuit)

hat in spanish

Sombrero (Hat)

watch in spanish

Reloj (Watch)

purse in spanish

Monedero, Porta Monedas(Purse)

cap in spanish

Gorra (Cap)

eyeglasses in spanish

Espejuelos, Gafas (Eyeglasses)

tie in spanish

Corbata (Tie)

belt in spanish


handbag in spanish

Cartera, Bolso(Handbag)

underpant in spanish

Calzoncillo (Underpant)

socks in spanish

Calcetines, Medias (Socks)

chain in spanish

Cadena (Chain)

bracelet in spanish

Brazalete, Manilla, Pulsera(Bracelet)

panty in spanish

Blumer, Braga (Panty)

wallet in spanish

Billetera (Wallet)

earrings in spanish, pendientes

Aretes, pendientes(Earrings)

ring in spanish


bra in spanish

Ajustador, Sostén (Bra)

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