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Bathroom in Spanish

bathroom in spanish

The Bathroom in Spanish (El Baño)

Bathroom in Spanish video

The daily bath is a fundamental part of any person's hygiene regardless of their age; that is why such practice must be ensured as a mandatory routine.

That is why we will teach you below how to pronounce the bathroom accessories in Spanish.

towel in spanish


bathtub in spanish

Tina, Bañera(Bathtub)

toilet in spanish

Taza de Baño, Inodoro (Toilet)

toilet paper in spanish

Soporte para Papel Higiénico (Toilet Paper Holder)

toothbrush holder in spanish

Porta Cepillo de Dientes(Toothbrush Holder)

fragance in spanish


comb in spanish

Peine (Comb)


Pasta de Dientes (Toothpaste)

bath basket in spanish

Papelera, Cesto(Bath Basket)

paper toilet in spanish

Papel Higiénico, Papel Sanitario(Toilet Paper)

lotion in spanish

Loción, Crema (Lotion)

hand wash sink in spanish

Lavamanos (Hand wash sink)

soap in spanish


shower gel in spanish

Gel de Baño(Shower Gel)

mirror in spanish

Espejo (Mirror)

scale in spanish

Escala (Scale)

shower in spanish


soap dispenser in spanish

Dispensador de Jabón(Soap Dispenser)

deodorant in spanish

Desodorante (Deodorant)

curtain in spanish

Cortina (Curtain)

shampoo in spanish


hairbrush in spanish


toothbrush in spanish

Cepillo de Dientes (Toothbrush)

rugs, mats in spanish

Alfombras, Tapetes (Rugs, Mats)

conditioner in spanish



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