The Colors in Spanish

Colors in Spanish

The Colors in Spanish

If you want to know the list of colors, then you can get ahead in this section. Learn the colors in Spanish is one of the topics for Basic Spanish, helping Spanish beginners. The different names of the colors in Spanish are easy to learn, here we have a list of colors with audio and pictures.

The list below will help you to name and pronounce the colors in Spanish.

The Colors in Spanish (Los Colores)


yellow in Spanish

Amarillo (Yellow)

orange in spanish


green in spanish

Verde (Green)

pink in spanish

Rosado (Pink)

purple in spanish

Morado (Purple)

brown in spanish

Marrón (Brown)




blue in spanish

Azul (Blue)


gray in spanish

Gris (Gray)




red in spanish

Rojo (Red)


black in spanish

Negro (Black)




white in spanish


Blanco (White)