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The Shapes in Spanish

que son las figuras geometricas

The Shapes in Spanish

Knowing shapes name in English is something ubiquitous. You should, therefore, start experimenting with the other language. Why not try Spanish and see how you will get to know all shapes in this new language.
Learn the most common types of shapes in Spanish. The following is the list of geometric shapes in Spanish.

The Shapes in Spanish (Las Figuras Geométricas)

triangle in spanish

Triángulo (Triangle)

trapezium in spanish

Trapecio (Trapezium)

rhombus in spanish

Rombo (Rhombus)

rectangle in spanish

Rectángulo (Rectangle)

pentagon in spanish

Pentágono (Pentagon)

oval in spanish

        Óvalo (Oval)

half moon in spanish

Media Luna (Half Moon)

hexagon in spanish

       Hexágono (Hexagon)

star in spanish

Estrella (Star)

square in spanish

Cuadrado (Square)

cross in spanish

Cruz (Cross)

circle in spanish

Círculo (Circle)