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Irregular Forms | Simple Conditional

simple conditional in spanish

Irregular Forms | Simple Conditional

The Conditional has relatively few irregular verbs. They fall into three categories:

  1. Verbs where the last vowel in the infinitive is replaced with a - d
  2. Verbs where the last vowel in the infinitive is removed
  3. Verbs that are just plain irregular


Verbs Where the last vowel in the Infinitive Is replaced with a -d

Note: Only "-er" and "-ir" verbs fall into this category.

To form the stem of these verbs, simply replace the "e" or  "i"  at the end of the infinitive with a "- d". Then, add the Conditional endings.


Subject tener (to have)

Yo (I) -tenría

Tú (You)(Informal) -tenrías

Usted (You)(Formal) -tenría

Él/Ella(He/She) - tenría

Nosotros(as)(We) - tenríamos

Vosotros(as)(You)(Informal) - tenríais

Ustedes(You)(Formal) -tenrían

Ellos(as)(They) -tenrían


Other verbs like Tener:

Infinitive Conditional Stem






Usted tendría una casa nueva.- You would have a new house.

Valdría mil dólares. - It would be worth $1,000​


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