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Cosmetics in Spanish

cosmetics in spanish

Most Popular Spanish Words for Cosmetics

Cosmetics are products that are used for the beauty or hygiene of the body.
In this section, you will know some of the cosmetics in Spanish.

The Cosmetics in Spanish (Los Cosméticos)

hair dye in spanish

Tinte (Hair Dye)

eyeshadow in spanish

Sombra de Ojos(Eyeshadow)

hair dryer in spanish

Secadora (Hair Dryer)

face powder in spanish

Polvo de Cara (Face Powder)

rollers in spanish

Rolos (Rollers)

hair iron in spanish

Plancha de Pelo(Hair Iron)

tweezers in spanish

Pinza de Cejas (Tweezers)

nail polish in spanish

Pintura de Uñas (Nail Polish)

brushes in spanish

Pinceles, Brochas (Brushes)

mask in spanish

Mascarilla Nutritiva(Nutritious Face Mask)

mask in spanish

Máscara (Mask)

nail file in spanish

Lima de Uñas (Nail File)

lacquer in spanish

Laca (Lacquer)

hair relaxer in spanish

Derrís, Relajante de Cabello(Hair Relaxer)

eyeliner in spanish

Delineador de Ojos (Eyeliner)

eyebrow pen in spanish

Delineador de Cejas (Eyebrow Pen)

razor blade in spanish

Cuchilla de Afeitar (Razor Blade)

shaving cream in spanish

Crema de Afeitar(Shaving Cream)

foundation in spanish

Base (Foundation)

pliers in spanish

Alicate (Pliers)

acetone in spanish


hair grease in spanish

Grasa (Hair Grease)

hair gel in spanish

Gel de Pelo (Hair Gel)

lipstick in spanish

Lápiz Labial (Lipstick)

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