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Food in Spanish

food names in spanish

Food Vocabulary in Spanish

Food in Spanish video

Foods provide nutrients that provide energy. They provide variable amounts of nutrients that contain calories, such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that constitute the fuel for the organs' function, growth, and physical activity.

Here is the list of the most common foods in Spanish.

Other Foods (Otros Alimentos)

yogurt in spanish

Yogur (Yogurt)

vinager in spanish

Vinagre (Vinager)

soup in spanish

Sopa (Soup)

seasoning in spanish

Sazón, Condimento (Seasoning)

salt in spanish

Sal (Salt)

cheese in spanish

Queso (Cheese)

cake in spanish

Pastel, Tarta (Cake)

tomato paste in spanish

Pasta de Tomate (Tomato Paste)

bread in spanish

Pan (Bread)

mustard in spanish

Mostaza (Mustard)

mayonnaise ins spanish

Mayonesa (Mayonnaise)

butter in spanish

Mantequilla (Butter)

eggs in spanish

Huevos (Eggs)

ice cream in spanish

Helado (Ice Cream)

flour in spanish

Harina (Flour)

cookies in spanish

Galletas (Cookies)

spaghetti in spanish

Espaguetis (Spaghetti)

cereal in spanish

Cereal (Cereal)

candies in spanish

Caramelos (Candies)

sugar in spanish

Azúcar (Sugar)

rice in spanish

Arroz (Rice)

oil in spanish

Aceite (Oil)

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