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Future | Irregular Verbs

Simple Future in spanish

How many irregular verbs are there in the Future tense?

Note: The Future Tense is used to tell what “will” happen, or what “shall” happen.

There are twelve common verbs that are irregular in the Future tense. Since the endings are the same as all other Future tense verbs, we show only the “yo” form, and have underlined the irregular stem.

caber (to fit) - yo cabré
poner (to put) -
yo pondré
decir (to say) -
yo diré
haber (to  have)-
yo habré
salir (to get out) -
yo saldré
hacer  (to do) -
yo haré
poder (to be able to)-
yo podré
tener (to have)-
yo tendré
querer (to want) -
yo querré
valer (to avail) -
yo valdré
saber (to know)
yo sabré
venir (to come) -
yo vendré

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