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Hair in Spanish | Hair Types - Hairstyles

How to pronounce the hair in Spanish?

Hair in Spanish video

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Hair Types and Hairstyles in Spanish

In humans, hair has two functions,  protection to protects the scalp from the sun and cold and aesthetics. 

There are many types of hair, styles, and colors due to the expressions of criteria, tastes, and diversities. In this lesson, we will talk about the types of hair in Spanish and their most popular styles.

Below you will find a list of hair in Spanish.

spanish hairstyles for long hair

Cabello Canoso(Gray Hair)

bald hair types in spanish


curly hair hair types  in spanish

Cabello Rizado (Curly Hair)

wavy hair hair types in spanish

Cabello Ondulado (Wavy Hair)

straight hair  in spanish

Cabello Liso(Straight Hair)

long hair types in spanish

Cabello Largo(Long Hair)

short hair types in spanish

Cabello Corto (Short Hair)

Spanish hairstyles for long hair

Cabello Rubio(Blonde Hair)

red hair type in spanish

Cabello Pelirrojo(Red Hair)

black hair type in spanish

Cabello Negro (Black Hair)

brown hair type in spanish

Cabello Castaño (Brown Hair)


HairStyles (Peinados)

braids hairstyle in spanish

Trenzas (Braids)

illuminations hairstyles in spanish

Rayitos, Iluminaciones(Illuminations )

dreadlocks hairstyles in spanish

Moños Rastas (Dreadlocks)

wig in spanish

Peluca (Wig)


bun, tail in spanish

Moño, Cola (Bun, Tail)

extensions in spanish


hair bang in spanish

Cerquillo (Hair Bang)

Other words and phrases about hair types and styles in Spanish:

curly in Spanish - rizado
curly hair in Spanish - pelo rizado
hair tie in Spanish - lazo para el cabello
blonde hair in Spanish - cabello rubio
straight hair in Spanish - cabello lacio
black hair in Spanish - cabello negro
red hair in Spanish - pelo rojo
long hair in Spanish - pelo largo
hair Spanish - cabello español
grey hair in Spanish - cabello gris
I like your hair in Spanish - me gusta tu cabello
wavy hair in Spanish - cabello ondulado
short hair in Spanish - pelo corto
messy hair in Spanish - cabello desordenado
gray hair in Spanish - cabello gris
white hair in Spanish - cabello blanco
dark hair in Spanish - cabello oscuro
I have black hair in Spanish - tengo el pelo negro
my hair in Spanish - mi cabello
I have blonde hair in Spanish - tengo el pelo rubio
I love your hair in Spanish - amo tu cabello
hair clip in Spanish - pinza de pelo
beautiful hair in Spanish - hermoso cabello
the hair in Spanish - el pelo
frizzy hair in Spanish - cabello rizado
facial hair in Spanish - vello facial
hair highlights in Spanish - reflejos de cabello
she has blonde hair in Spanish - ella tiene cabello rubio
nappy hair in Spanish pelo de pañal (muy corto)
I have long hair in Spanish - tengo el pelo largo
I have curly hair in Spanish - tengo el pelo rizado
thick hair in Spanish - cabello grueso
hair in Spanish language - cabello en idioma Español
he has black hair in Spanish - el tiene el pelo negro
crazy hair in Spanish - cabello loco
you have beautiful hair in Spanish - tienes un cabello hermoso
your hair looks nice in Spanish - tu cabello se ve bien
dry hair in Spanish - cabello seco
layered hair in Spanish - cabello en capas
brushed hair in Spanish - pelo cepillado
medium length hair in Spanish - cabello de longitud media
I dry my hair in Spanish - me seco el pelo
say hair in Spanish - decir cabello
hair types in Spanish - tipos de cabello
brassy hair in Spanish - cabello cobrizo

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