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Informal commands "vosotros"

Informal commands "vosotros"

Informal commands "vosotros"

Note: The affirmative "vosotros" command is formed by simply replacing the final “r” of the infinitive with “d”

Comprad (vosotros) el libro. - (You-all) Buy the book

Escribid (vosotros) la carta. - (You-all) Write the letter.

Comprad (vosotros) los libros.- (You-all) Buy the books.

Note: As with the negative “tĂș” commands, the negative "vosotros" commands use the corresponding Present subjunctive forms.

No comprĂ©is (vosotros) el libro. - (You-all) Don’t buy the book.

No escribĂĄis (vosotros) la carta. - (You-all) Don’t write the letter

No comprĂ©is (vosotros) los libros. - (You-all) Don’t buy the books.

Note: With affirmative commands using a reflexive verb, the final “d” of the verb form is dropped before adding the pronoun “os”

Senta - d + os = Sentaos - Sit down.

Tip: The only exception is the verb “irse” which retains the final “d”

¡Idos! - Go away!

Note: Verbs ending in “-ir” will require a written accent.

Vesti - d + os = VestĂ­os - Get dressed.