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What are Irregular Yo Forms? | Simple Present

simple present in spanish

What are irregular yo forms?

Note: Verbs that end in "- guir""- ger", or "- gir" undergo a spelling change in their Present Tense "yo" forms.

  1. For verbs that end in - guir, the yo form ends in go.
  2. For verbs that end in - ger or - gir, the g in the yo form changes to a j.


Infinitive - “yo” form

extinguir (to extinguish) - extingo

dirigir (to direct) - dirijo

escoger (to choose) - escojo

exigir (to demand) - exijo

recoger (to pick up) - recojo



List of verbs with irregular “yo” forms

Infinitive “yo” form

caber (to fit) quepo

caer (to fall) caigo

conocer (to know) conozco

dar (to give) doy

hacer (to do/make) hago

poner (to put) pongo

saber (to know) 

salir (to leave/to go out) salgo

traducir (to translate) traduzco

traer (to bring) traigo

valer (to be worth) valgo

ver (to see) veo



Note: Most verbs that end in "cer" or "ucir" have irregular Present Tense “yo” forms

Infinitive- “yo” form English

Conducer -conduzco to drive

Producer -produzco to produce

Hacer -hago to do

Amanecer -amanezco to dawn


Prefixes Count

Note: Verbs made of up the above forms plus a prefix are also irregular in the “yo” form.

Infinitive - “yo” form English

Componer -compongo to compose

Deshacer -deshago to undo

Disponer -dispongo to make available

Distraer - distraigo to distract

Proponer- propongo to propose

Rehacer -rehago to redo

Reponer - repongo to put back

Suponer - supongo to suppose



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