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Media in Spanish

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Media in Spanish from English

Media in Spanish video
Media in Spanish is quite different from the way it is done in English, however that does not mean it is any less important. In fact it plays an even greater role in the Spanish culture. How do you say media in Spanish? 

The term "media" has several meanings, which can be explained below. It can refer to printed publications such as magazines, books, newspapers, and films. It can also refer to audio and visual arts such as music and the arts. And it can also be used to describe the written word in Spanish, thus media in Spanish would then simply mean the entire works created - both print and audio/visual.

The main purpose of the media is precisely to communicate objectively, but depending on their type of ideology they can specialize in: informing, educating, transmitting, entertaining, forming opinions, teaching, controlling, etc.

Next, you will find the media in Spanish and their translation.

How do you say media in Spanish?

The Media in Spanish (Los Medios de Comunicación)

channels in spanish, media in Spanish, social media in Spanish


letters in spanish


computer in spanish

Computadora (Computer)

email address in spanish

Correo Electrónico (Email Address)

documents in spanish


fax in spanish


call in spanish

Llamada (Call)

messengers in spanish

Mensaje (Sms)

microphone in spanish


music in spanish


news in spanish

Noticias (News)

movies in spanish

Películas (Movies)

newspapers in spanish


programs in spanish



Radio (Radio)

magazines in spanish

Revistas (Magazines)

satellite in spanish


stamps in spanish


tablet in spanish

Tableta (Tablet)

cell phone in spanish

Teléfono Celular (Cell Phone)


wireless phone in spanish

Teléfono Inalámbrico(Wireless Phone)

telephone in spanish


telegram in spanish

Telegrama (Telegram)

text in spanish

Texto (Text)

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