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Religions in Spanish | Translation

Religions in Spanish and English

Religions in Spanish|Translation

What is religion? 

Religion is understood to be a set of beliefs, behaviors and cultural, ethical and social values, through which a human group shares a vision of the world and of existence, and is linked to an idea of   the sacred, the transcendent, that is, they give meaning and value to the experience of living.
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Religions played a key role in the earliest stages of human civilization, as matrices of a moral, ethical, social or political code, and even of an exercise of law (jurisprudence), through which each human civilization built its lifestyle and its specific concept of duty, all under the idea that there would be one or more vigilant gods, capable of giving terrible punishment or just reward.

On the other hand, religions provided man with a method to inherit to his descendants a sense of community and belonging, as well as a specific belief in relation to the creation of the world, of life, and of what happens after death.

Most religions hold dogmas regarding these momentous issues and are based on the teachings of a founding prophet, usually contained in a holy book (such as the Bible, the Koran, etc.).

There are an estimated 4000 different religions in the world, and each has its communion rites, its sacred places of pilgrimage, its symbols of faith and its mythology and conception of the divine.

In many cases this means a pantheon of deities, in others an abstract and omnipresent entity. The majority, however, profess the faith as one of their highest values, and distinguishes the followers of their philosophy from the practitioners of other creeds or, also, from those who profess none (called atheists or agnostics).

How to name the religions in Spanish?

Now it's time to name the religions in Spanish.

List of religions in Spanish and English 

Anglicanismo - Anglicanism 
Baha’i - Baha'i 
Brahamanismo - Brahmanism 
Budismo - Buddhism 
Calvinismo - Calvinism 
Caodaísmo - Caodaism 
Catolicismo - Catholicism 
Confucianismo - Confucianism 
Cristianismo - Christianity 
Espiritismo - Spiritism 
Gnosticismo - Gnosticism

religion in Spanish
Hinduismo - Hinduism 
Islamismo - Islam 
Jainismo - Jainism 
Judaísmo - Judaism 
Luteranismo - Lutheranism 
Neopaganismo - Neo-Paganism 
No Religioso - Nonreligius 
Protestantismo - Protestantism 
Rastafarianismo - Rastafarianism 
Religión Africana Tradicional Y Diáspora - Traditional African And Diaspora
Religión Tradicional China - Chinese Traditional Religion

Religiones Indígenas (Chamanismo) - Indigenous Religions Shamanism
Shintoísmo - Shintoism 
Sijismo - Sikhism
Taoísmo - Taoism 
Unitarismo  - Unitarian
Universalista  – Universalism 
Zoroastrismo - Zoroastrianism
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