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Student Routines in Spanish

student in spanish

Daily Student Routines in Spanish

Click to listen to the Basic Spanish Vocabulary for the Students Routines.

The Student Routines in Spanish (Las Rutinas del Estudiante)

Daily Schedules in Spanish for Students video

i get up in spanish

Me levanto (I get up)

i wash my face in spanish

Me lavo la cara(I wash my face)

brush my teeth in spanish

Me cepillo los dientes (I brush my teeth)

get shaved in spanish

Me afeito (I get shaved)

shower in spanish

Me baño (I have a shower)

dressed in spanish

Me visto(I get dressed)

breakfast in spanish

Preparo el desayuno (I prepare breakfast)

have in spanish

Desayuno (I have breakfast)

lave home in spanish

Salgo de la casa (I leave home)


Voy a la escuela(I go to school)


Monto el autobús (I get on the bus)


Tomo mi clase (I take my class)


book in spanish

Leo un libro (I read a book)

draw in spanish

Dibujo(I draw)


Juego (I play)


Hago ejercicios (I do exercises)


Almuerzo (I have lunch)

surf the internet in spanish

Navego en el internet(I surf the internet)

homework in spanish

Hago las tareas (I do homework)

listen to music in spanish

Escucho música (I listen to music)


ride bicycle in spanish

Monto bicicleta (I ride bicycle)

drive a car in spanish

Manejo el carro(I drive the car)

drink water in spanish

Bebo agua (I drink water)

watch tv in spanish

Veo la televisión (I watch the TV)

sleep in spanish

Duermo (I sleep)


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