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Worker Routines in Spanish

routines in spanish

Describing your daily routine in Spanish

Daily Activities in Spanish video
Vocabulary about daily routine actions and activities in Spanish.

The Worker Routines in Spanish (Las Rutinas del Trabajador)

i get up in spanish

Yo me levanto(I get up)

i take a shower in spanish

   Yo tomo una ducha(I take a shower)

i get dressed in spanish


Yo me visto (I get dressed)

i have breakfast in spanish

Yo desayuno (I have breakfast)



i go to work in spanish

Yo voy para el trabajo(I go to work)

i start work in spanish

   Yo comienzo el trabajo(I start work)

i have lunch in spanish

Yo almuerzo (I have lunch)

i finish work in spanish

 Yo termino de trabajar (I finish work)

i arrive home in spanish

Yo llego a la casa(I arrive home)

i have dinner in spanish

   Yo ceno(I have dinner)

i watch tv in spanish

Yo veo la televisión (I watch TV)

i go to bed in spanish

   Yo voy a la cama (I go to bed)


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