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Ocean Animals in Spanish

ocean animals list

What are animals in the sea called in Spanish?

Sea Animals in Spanish video

Marine animals are all those animals that live in the sea's waters all their life or at least a large part of it. Studying a new language can become quite a challenge. Therefore, we give you a complete Spanish vocabulary with pictures and audio to learn Spanish faster.

Below is the list of the most popular Spanish marine animals.

The Ocean Animals in Spanish (Los Animales del Océano)

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Tiburón (Shark)

octopus in spanish


penguin ins spanish

Pingüino (Penguin)

fish in spanish

  Pez (Fish)

swordfish in spanish

Pez Espada(Swordfish)

oyster in spanish


walrus in spanish

Morsa (Walrus)

jellyfish in spanish

Medusa, Aguamala (Jellyfish)

lobster in spanish


seal in spanish


starfish in spanish

Estrella de Mar (Starfish)

dolphin in spanish

   Delfín (Dolphin)

snail in spanish


crab in spanish


shrimp in spanish

Camarón (Shrimp)

squid in spanish

Calamar (Squid)

sea horse in spanish

Caballo de Mar(Sea Horse)

whale in spanish


eel in spanish

Anguila (Eel)

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