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How to Pronounce the Shapes in Spanish?

que son las figuras geometricas

Shapes in Spanish with Pronunciation

Shapes in Spanish video

There are many geometric shapes in Spanish including 3D shapes as well as plain. A large number of the words in Spanish that most people have trouble finding the meaning of are named after certain shapes in Spanish. 

Geometric shapes in Spanish can also be just as complex as any other word in the language; however, when it comes to words like “óvalo” oval, it is easier to find out what exactly the shape is without having to translate it directly.

Knowing shapes name in English is something ubiquitous. You should, therefore, start experimenting with the other language. Why not try Spanish and see how you will get to know all shapes in this new language.

What are the names of the shapes in Spanish?

Learn the most common types of shapes in Spanish. The following is the list of geometric shapes in Spanish.

Shapes in Spanish and English (Las Figuras Geométricas)

triangle in spanish

Triángulo (Triangle)

trapezium in spanish

Trapecio (Trapezium)

rhombus in spanish

Rombo (Rhombus)

rectangle in spanish

Rectángulo (Rectangle)

pentagon in spanish

Pentágono (Pentagon)

oval in spanish

        Óvalo (Oval)

half moon in spanish

Media Luna (Half Moon)

hexagon in spanish

       Hexágono (Hexagon)

star in spanish

Estrella (Star)

square in spanish

Cuadrado (Square)

cross in spanish

Cruz (Cross)

circle in spanish

Círculo (Circle)

The same is true when it comes to words like square, star, or half-moon. As each of these shapes has its specific meaning in Spanish (cuadrado, estrella, media luna), you would simply need to know what those meanings are to use them correctly. One of the easiest ways of figuring out what these names mean is by remembering their pronunciations in Spanish. In addition, some of the names of the shapes in Spanish can be spelled almost the same way as some English words.

For example, various common shapes in Spanish can be spelled the same way as the English word pentagon, such as pentágono, hexagon = hexágono, and so on. Also, while many of the Spanish words for geometric shapes in Spanish do resemble English words, you would need to make sure that they do not sound identical to make sure that they are properly translated into Spanish.

Once you learn the different names of the shapes in Spanish, you will be able to tell which ones belong to what specific category. While this will take time and practice, you can master this skill very quickly.

So, while your first learning experience may be a bit confusing, you will be able to get the hang of it in no time at all by learning the different shapes in Spanish that are commonly used. Once you know how to spell the right names and have learned the meanings of them, you can then use this knowledge to help you with your projects at home or work. You could for example start making pictures that are based on the shapes in Spanish. Learning the coloring of these shapes will help you get the hang of saying the right names in Spanish in no time.

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