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Shoes in Spanish

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Types of Shoes in Spanish

Shoes in Spanish video

The use of comfortable shoes is of vital importance. It is crucial to use suitable footwear since the feet support the entire weight of the body. Learning the types of footwear in Spanish will be very useful in your learning.

Here is the list of the most common types of footwear in Spanish.

The Shoes in Spanish (Los Zapatos)


heel in spanish

Zapatos de Tacón Alto (Heel Shoes)

sneakers shoes in spanish

Zapatos Deportivos, Tenis, Zapatillas (Sneakers)

sandals in spanish

Sandalias (Sandals)

plataforms in spanish

Plataformas (Plataforms)

flip flops in spanish

Chancletas (Flip Flops)

boats in spanish

Botas (Boots)

ballerinas in spanish

Bailarinas (Ballerinas)

loafers in spanish

Mocasines (Loafers)

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