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The Weather in Spanish

weather in spanish

How do you describe the weather in Spanish?

Weather in Spanish video
Weather in Spanish can refer to day or night, warm or cold, cloud or clear, etc. It is important to understand weather in Spanish correctly for speaking it with the correct attitude. The weather in Spanish is called as "clima"

In this lesson, we are going to teach you some of the most popular elements of the weather in Spanish.

Enjoy the list of natural elements / meteorological vocabulary in Spanish.

The Weather in Spanish (El Tiempo)

volcano in spanish

Volcán (Volcano)

tornado in spanish


hurricane in spanish

Huracán (Hurricane)

storm in spanish

   Tormenta (Storm)

winds in spanish

Hay vientos (There are winds)

cold in spanish

   Hace frío(It's cold)

snow in spanish

Está nevando (It's snowing)

hot in spanish

  Hace calor (It's hot)

rain in spanish

Llueve (It rains)


Weather in Spanish is a very interesting subject to study and can be used as an opportunity to add humor to your conversations.

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