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Last Vowel Removed | Conditional

simple conditional in spanish

Conditional Simple | Verbs Where the Last Vowel in the Infinitive is Removed

Note: Only "-er" verbs fall into this category.

To form the stem of these verbs, remove the vowel "e" from the infinitive ending. Then, add the conditional endings.


Subject Poder (to be able to)

Yo (I) -pod ría

Tú (You)(Informal) -pod rías

Usted (You)(Formal) -pod ría

Él /Ella(He/She) -pod ría

Nosotros(as)(We) -pod ríamos

Vosotros(as)(You)(Informal) -pod ríais

Ustedes(You)(Formal) -pod rían

Ellos(as)(They) -pod rían


Other Verbs like "Poder":

Infinitive Conditional Stem

caber -cab r-

haber -hab r-

querer -quer r-

saber -sab r-



Podríamos cambiar el hogar - We would be able to change the home


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