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4 Ways to Raise a Bilingual Child

Does speaking two languages to a baby confuse them?

         how to raise a bilingual child

Are you bilingual and want to raise your child in the same way? Or you and your partner have different native languages and want to know how to teach your child both languages?. Then stay tuned. Because here in this article, we are going to talk about four superb ways to raise your child to be bilingual.
Whether English, Spanish, Italian or other languages, bringing up a child with two different languages is not that easy, is like to raise a child with two different lifestyles. 

4 Ways to Raise a Bilingual Child

     1.   Figure out your goal and develop a plan.

Planning things means you are halfway to the goal. Making a plan is not a big deal, but making a perfect and smart plan by figuring out everything is challenging.

Firstly, clear your concept of why you want to make your child bi or multilingual. Nextly figure out which language will be the child's most exposed language, according to that, make a plan when and where to talk with the child with the minority language.

Stick to the plan even if it's complicated.

2.   Make the child learn the minority one faster.

Whether he will learn the minority language faster or expose him to it more often, it will be easier for him to grasp things quickly. Detecting the minority language is not so hard. 

Raising him with a minority language will help him to understand the other easily. Start talking the child from the mother's womb and Try to speak the minority language at home.

3.   Apply one-parent one language strategy.

Apply the OPOL strategy that stands for (one parent one language strategy) where each person speaks one language. It is beneficial for your child, as it makes him free to understand to whom language is preferable. OPOL the most common family language system.

4.   Mix languages frequently.

Frequently mixing languages and using may be an excellent method for practising so that your child will quickly grasp the consent.

Make your children know when you will mix language so that he or she will not be confused. Make them learn words while playing; this is an excellent way to teach.

It's not a very good idea to expose the complexity of two languages from the very beginning. Your child may feel overwhelmed and confused when to switch and what to speak. But by applying the above strategies, you can easily make him or her master of two languages.

The above strategies are not for everyone. Choose the best-suited one for your child and make your strategic plan. This way, you will successfully and confidently raise your child to become bi or multilingual.

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